Lunchtime Set Menu £10.95 (Mon – Fri)

(Please select one dish from)

Spring Rolls (V)
Bean vermicelli, dried mushrooms, shredded cabbage and carrots in rice paper.

Prawn on Toast
Minced prawn mixed with garlic, pepper and coriander spread on bread triangles.

Chicken Satay
Marinated and char-grilled chicken served with peanut sauce.

Tod Man Khaw Pod
Thai style deep fried sweet corn cakes served with sweet chilli sauce.

Tom Yum Gai
Hot and sour soup with chicken, fresh chilli and lemongrass.

(Served with rice. Please select one dish from)

Gang Kiew Wan Gai (Green Curry)
Curry paste with chicken, coconut milk, bamboo shoots, aubergine and sweet basil leaves.

Gai Bai Kha Prow
Stir-fried chicken with fresh chilli, garlic and basil leaves.

Gai Khing
Stir-fried chicken with shredded ginger, spring onion and dried mushroom.

Gai Priew Wan (Sweet and Sour)
Stir-fried chicken with pineapple, cucumber, tomato in Thai sweet and sour sauce.

Nua Nam Mun Hoi
Stir-fried beef with oyster sauce and vegetables.

Kao Pad Gai
Special fried rice with chicken, egg, vegetables and soy sauce.

Pad Thai Gai
Special Thai rice noodles with chicken, egg, bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.

Pad Mee Gai
Stir-fried egg noodles with chicken and vegetables.

*All above main courses can be served without meat as vegetarian options **For prawns there will be an additional £1.00 charge
    • Lunchtime Specials

    • Kyo Tiew Nam Tok (Moo/Nua)


      ก๋วยเตี๋ยวน้ำตก หมู, เนื้อ
      Pork or beef noodle soup
      *Served only at lunch time

    • Yen Ta Fo


      Noodles in our own recipe red soup
      with mixed seafood.
      *Served only at lunch time

    • Suki Nam Talay


      Glass noodle soup with egg,
      chilli sauce and sesame oil.
      *Served only at lunch time

    • Suki Haeng Talay


      Glass noodles stir-fried with egg,
      chilli sauce and sesame oil.
      *Served only at lunch time

    • Khao Pad

      Moo £7.95
      Kai £8.95
      Goong £8.95

      ข้าวผัด หมู, ไก่, กุ้ง
      Stir-fried rice with chicken, pork or prawns,
      with vegetables, egg and soy sauce
      *Served only at lunch time

    • Khao Kaprow

      Moo £7.95
      Gai £7.95

      ข้าวกระเพรา หมู, ไก่
      Stir-fried minced pork or chicken with
      garlic and chilli served with rice
      *Served only at lunch time

    • Khao Kaprow Talay


      Stir-fried seafood with garlic and
      chilli served with rice
      *Served only at lunch time